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Simmonds, V. 2014. An overview of the archaeology of Mendip caves and karst. Mendip Cave Register & Archive (MCRA). (currently being revised, 2016)

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field notes 2018Posted by Vince Simmonds Sun, March 04, 2018 08:09:17
3rd March: with Roz, and Buster.

Not digging in Hallowe'en Rift today so decided to walk to the Hunter's Lodge Inn. Also an opportunity to see how much snow was on the hill-top. Up to Smitham Chimney, the pond had frozen over.

Into the woods,

before crossing fields towards Wigmore Farm, stopping to admire some fine ice formations in a sink.

Some impressive drifts too. We continued the walk towards Red Quar, from there over Stockhill to the pub for lunch and chin-wagging.

After lunch, along the road to SMCC and across the Mineries, the pond was frozen over, but not hard enough to try and venture out.

Back ...through Stockhill to Red Quar, the recently ploughed field has good evidence of aeolian sediment transportation having occurred, the plough ridges were wind dried.

Followed the bridle-path into the green lane before going across fields to Smitham, down to Garrow Bottom and through Harptree Combe.

A good day's walk, about 7 hours. Trudging through the deeper snow was arduous at times, especially for the Jack Russell with his little legs.

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