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Simmonds, V. 2014. An overview of the archaeology of Mendip caves and karst. Mendip Cave Register & Archive (MCRA). (currently being revised, 2016)

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16th June 2012

field notes 2012Posted by Vince Simmonds Sun, June 17, 2012 17:48:25

Following a mornings solo digging session in Hallowe'en Rift met up with Tangent at the Hunter's. Headed over to Ebbor Gorge to meet up with the digging team at Gully Cave. Tangent drove to the car park and we carried up a supply of hessian sacks kindly donated by Cheddar Ales for the digging project.

Had a discussion with the diggers about their requirements for shoring the retained material and put forward some suggestions about how best to achieve their aims. It's an interesting project. Tangent and I then went for a scramble around the higher rock exposures in Ebbor Gorge above Gully Cave and then around to Outlook Cave. The nettles and brambles have shot up since my last visit and shorts and trainers are not ideal in these situations. I said to Tangent that once the first lot a of tingles have taken effect then subsequent stings don't really matter. My legs were still tingling the following day with some pretty angry looking scratches. The ivy growth also proved to be an interesting experience in my super slick soles. All good fun though.

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