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Simmonds, V. 2014. An overview of the archaeology of Mendip caves and karst. Mendip Cave Register & Archive (MCRA). (currently being revised, 2016)

I've compiled 'An overview of the archaeology of Mendip caves and karst' that is freely available online at www.mendipgeoarch.net and in the archaeology section of the Mendip Cave Register & Archive at www.mcra.org.uk

Harptree Combe

field notes 2017Posted by Vince Simmonds Sun, July 23, 2017 15:22:00
23rd July: Sunday morning stroll through Harptree Combe. This time of year it is very lush and green. There were a few showers of rain.

Somebody has spent a constructive hour or so making these dead wood sculptures in the stream.

Passing the ruins of this building by the stream.

The dead heart of an ash tree, snapped off in the recent storms.

Tree graffiti, initials carved into a beech tree. I wonder who 'KC' might be, not sure who else is involved?

Islands in the stream. There are plenty of these fantastic little vegetation covered cobbles and boulders in the bed of the Molly Brook.

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