Whitcombe's Hole

Whitcombe's Hole

Whitcombe's Hole

an archaeological investigation.

7th December 2013

fieldworkPosted by Vince Simmonds Sat, December 07, 2013 16:40:50
Change of plans re: digging this weekend, didn't have a team for Hallowe'en Rift so decided to get on with Whitcombe's Hole a day earlier.

The image below is the view out of the entrance chamber to the opposite side of Burrington Combe.

Last week's gardening along the approach to the cave proved sufficient so I didn't need to trim any branches with the saw. Don't want the track too obvious.

The first job in hand was to do some tidying around the entrance. Emptied some of the spoil bags that had been left outside the entrance. The bags that were left inside the cave were then sieved over a 6.3mm x 300mm diameter wire mesh laboratory test sieve (BS410-1:2000). Unfortunately some of the spoil was too wet to sieve effectively and was discarded. Will bring a stiff brush next time which will be useful for cleaning the mesh. When the clearing up was finished I carried on with the digging, sieving the spoil before disposal. My plan is to tidy up the full section and then record; I will draw the section to include passage shape and dimension.

I cleared away the upper layer down to the lower cave sediment which will be removed next session before recording.

Buster, my Jack Russell, was getting a bit bored by now so called it a day and went to the Hunter's Lodge for lunch.