Whitcombe's Hole

Whitcombe's Hole

Whitcombe's Hole

an archaeological investigation.

15th December 2013

fieldworkPosted by Vince Simmonds Sun, December 15, 2013 15:47:54
It's a damp day and quite wet along the path to Whitcombe's Hole. At the cave it is noticeably wetter than last week moisture can be seen on the walls and there is an audible drip. Took a few minutes to sort myself out before digging commenced. Got a new tool kit roll to try out for the first time today!

The damp conditions made sieving a bit more difficult. It took a little longer than anticipated to remove some stubborn cave sediment [still some more to come off] so that any idea of drawing the section was put aside. Took some photo's though (see below)

South east facing section. Scale is 0.30 metres.

Cave sediment:

Very compact [cemented] yellowish brown silty SAND & GRAVEL with some iron staining. Gravel is fine to coarse, subround to round of sandstone with occasional subangular gravel of limestone. There are some pockets of manganese wad and occasional fossil fragments mostly of crinoid stems. So far this material is devoid of any archaeological or palaeontological finds.

SE facing section in relation to the passage. Scale is 0.30 metres.